Online environment for writing and editing high-stakes tests

Editing test items for high-stakes assessments is a challenge. The items must not only be valid and assess appropriate skills or knowledge, at an appropriate level, but must also must be new, and frequently must be written so as to identify related concepts that may be confused or conflated by the student.

One of the principal objectives of this UI design was to provide ready access to a rich editing support environment - the test context, past test items, applicable standards, distractors, etc, - without making the work area overly congested.

Informativity collaborated with KnowledgeSource to tackle this opportunity for client Measured Progress. A PDF with several final sketches.

Representative of the final design.Test overview flanks the active edit area. Resources menu on the right wing.
Preliminary design approach. Active area too narrow.
Another preliminary exploration, investigating tabs for sub-level information.
An early sketch pointing the way to the final design approach.
The administrative interface for the editing environment was also part of the deliverables.