Climate Challenge Game

Climate Challenge is an online simulation game where players assume the role of the "Climate Change Czar".

Their challenge is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the impacts of rising temperatures, and stimulate innovative responses to global warming. The game begins in 2010 and the player makes yearly policy decisions to guide the country until 2050. An epilogue displays the outcome of the player's actions in the year 2100.

As the Czar, the player enacts new regulations, provides tax incentives, raises bonds for infrastructure, and supports technological R&D. However, the Czar must balance the need for quick solutions against the abilities of citizens and business to adapt to change. The Czar must also operate within a budget that forces him/her to choose between different options.

Informativity designed a proposed user interface, organized screen mechanisms for tracking energy decisions, and created maps, icons, graphs, charts, and various other controls for the playing environment.

Robert Hone of Red Hills Studio originated the Challenge game idea and authored the project proposal.

Monitor the atmosphere; turn layers on and off; keep track of resources and activities in your 'country'.
Floating dismissible panels keep you informed of issues or enable your team of advisors to give you advice.
Simulation of game in progress. Wind farm is producing well!