Visual Summary of Economic Impact by Standard Chartered Bank in Africa

Standard Chartered Bank of London has a long history of investment in Africa. Visualizing the impact of their financial activities helps the Bank evaluate and understand the effectiveness of program and helps further credibility and communication with local government and business stakeholders.

Informativity worked in collaboration with the Head of Social and Economic Impact and the Head of Operations in Malaysia to devise a single-panel visual summary of the impact of financial activities in 2013 for Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Bangladesh Indonesia, and Africa as a whole.

Steward Redqueen, a research firm headquartered in Amsterdam, developed the data and data analysis.

Subsequent to the delivery of PDF versions, Informativity was tasked to leverage the visual form, add interaction, and produce an iPad app to further support communication needs.

Visual summary of Bank impact on Africa as a whole
Visual summary as iPad app
Details about specific economic sectors
How Standard Chartered impacts jobs in Africa
International trade overview for Africa